I am a Shopsmith aficianado who now specializes in Shopsmith Mark V headstock repairs and tune-ups.

I first used a Shopsmith as a teen. After I inherited my father's machine, I became a first rate fan of the machines. I restored that old brownie and began buying and selling the machines and their components. Over a 4 year period, I became quite proficient at repairing them, and began to repair them for locals in my area.

In June 2007, I offered my repair service on ebay. I have since repaired over 500 units for the ebay Shopsmith community (December 2010). Doing so many in such a short period of time taught me even more. Now I have my own repair videos for sale and have sold over 800 of those on ebay as well.

This website is a natural extension now. It is meant to supplement my ebay ads, my Facebook Fanpage and to offer extra info to my customers.
July 10, 2009 - Shopsmith Inc folded, laying off much of its remaining staff, and reorganized under a new name and business structure to get out from under a huge amount of debt. More and more parts have been on backorder and backordered parts are taking longer to receive.

My independence from the company and my vast inventory of new and used parts allow me to continue to service Mark V headstocks despite the company's problems.

Welcome to my web site.

Shopsmith Mark V repairs Jacob Anderson

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The nation's leading independent Shopsmith Mark V repair specialist and expert.

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